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How much does a taxi cost from Tenerife North Airport to Santa Cruz de Tenerife?

If you are thinking of enjoying a Tenerife holiday there are a few things you should know about that city, for example, how much does a taxi cost from Tenerife North Airport to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
AENA has a reference price list and this journey costs approximately 18 euros. This is important for the traveller to know as it will save him trouble and if the taxi driver tries to give him a spin or to charge him a much higher price he can demand a bill and report his bad behaviour.

Renting a vehicle

Another option to move around Tenerife is to rent a vehicle to have it for part or all of your stay. This rental can be done in the same airport and will allow you to have total freedom of movement around the island.7

This option is the best for those travellers who want to go on their own when visiting the island and who are not afraid of moving by car in places they do not know. It is especially recommended for those who enjoy driving.

To make sure you have a car available, it is best to make a reservation before you leave, so that the vehicle will be ready when you arrive.

Scheduled excursions

But if you don’t like to drive, you can easily go to your hotel in a taxi and hire scheduled excursions. You will forget about the steering wheel and route planning and the guides will take you by car, van or bus to wherever you want to go. You can even hire excursions that leave from the hotel itself, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of not having to worry about anything but arriving at the scheduled time.

Some taxi drivers offer travellers the possibility of renting their services for a full day or for half a day at a closed price to go to certain places. This way, you will have a personal service, you will make sure that nobody else will share the car during that time and you will be able to go at your own pace without anyone telling you how long you can stay in a place.

Finally, note that when you hire a trip to Tenerife, you can also hire a transfer to the hotel and forget about the cost of a taxi from the airport of Tenerife North to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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